If you love Porsches like we do, the new Porsche experience center will seem like a theme park to you. Located in Los Angeles, it has a lot to keep the car enthusiasts entertained. After reviewing the place personally, here are 5 reasons why we fell in love with the new Porsche Experience Center.

A full range of cars to check out!

It has workshop full of cars; both classic and racing. From firsthand information about the automobile to actually sitting in one of the cars, the workshop is like a pool of information for the car nerd in you.

Full range of Porsches available for you to choose from.

This experience center, just like theis located in Atlanta, where the company is also head quartered hosts a full range of Porsche cars, from latest to old. This means that people get a chance to drive around in any Porsche that they desire.

Places to eat.

Food has the power of making everything slightly better. And in this case also the food places make this place perfect for a full day adventure.

A race car track to drive on!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Both of the experience centers have tracks that seem similar to real life racing tracks. Potential buyers can experience the power of the Porsches that they intend to buy while race car drivers can polish their skills for future races too.

To drive a Porsche, there are multiple packages available for you to buy from. The difference between packages depends on the kind of car you want to ride and the track elements that you want to experience. There are coaches who sit phentermine behind you in the car and will help you drive through the track elements that you have chosen per your desired package. You can even have the coach take you to the part of the track that simulates the perfect SUV off-road driving experience.

From the various track elements that you can choose from the Nürburgring Nordschleife’s Karrussell corner, has been perfectly recreated to the last detail. This has been positioned quite cleverly at the end of an accelerating patch and helps test the driver’s control when speeding around corners. This is also the perfect place to test the car’s launch control and see if you can handle it well enough or not.

The track usually begins with a low friction roundabout which also functions as a skid pad. It is basically polished concrete that has absolutely no friction. The handling track is a bit tricky with there is an amalgam of various track elements that the coaches will guide you through.
A gift shop to buy souvenirs from

And as if all of this wasn’t enough to create blissful memories they have also added a gift shop from where people can buy something to remember this day by. (As if they will ever forget it!)

So, here you go, our reasons to love the new Porsche experience center. If you visit this place, please do share your thoughts and experiences with us.


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