The style that comes with Fiat 500 Gucci is one you will never want to miss on. It is everyone?s wish to keep up with changing trends in fashion, luxury and tech features that characterize the industry. If you happened to miss out on Gucci?s Fiat 500 limited edition, then here is some good news. Though it will still be on offer for a limited period this spring be sure to enjoy fantastic specs in the new Fiat 500 Gucci. Given how fast its limited models fly of dealer shops within a short period of time. It will do you favor to move quicker and grab your desired model this spring.

Versions on offer.

Gucci will be offering both hardtop 500 and cloth top versions at an estimated price of $23, 750 to $27,750. The many people who liked the 2013 fiat 500 would definitely love all that comes with the new model. There is so much in a compact design that lets you comfortably drive with nothing to worry about. Gucci now offer 500 and 500c models with a Black monotone interior design that perfectly contrasts Gucci Blanco.

Interior design

Nero offers an interior classy design yet maintaining a certain level of functionality. It won?t take time before you fall in love with the unique embroidery and the smooth feeling of material used in the interior design. As if the chrome accents are not enough, Gucci incorporates a velvety varnish that on its instrument panel. Its seats are covered in Poltrona Frau Leather with some Nero leather being spread to the door panels. If you find two-tone interior environments pleasant, then the reintroduction of the two color scheme is just what you have been waiting for. The hand-stitched leather wrapped steering wheel finishes up a brief look of the details in the new Fiat 500 Gucci and 500c model.

Exterior design

If you are the kind that seeks for sleeker exterior looks, then the glossy and eye-catching look combined with Nero?s lighting bezels would be worth not missing on. There is a lot of amazing exterior features that will make it outstanding on the road with either the 500 or 500c versions. Top on the elements that highlight its Cinquecento style is the Gucci Verde/Rosso web stripe that goes round the body. It even runs across the entire retractable cloth top that characterizes the 500c model. Its door frames and the hatchbacks completed with a Gucci?s Chrome cursive signatures that blends well with the exterior chrome accented mirror and door handles.

Additionally, the 2013 Fiat 500 Gucci features a uniquely designed 15inch aluminum wheels covered in a relative color that brings unity to the whole exterior design. You will admire the extra included wheel specs that include a center caps designed with an interlocking GG. With the brake pads too being lacquered in Gucci Verde green signature, it is highly likely that this will be your car come the next spring.

The new 2017 Fiat 500 Gucci feature a starting price of $23,750 while the 500c version has a starting price at $27,750 though both prices don?t include the normal $800 destination. Check its photos out and see what lies in store with the new Gucci versions.


Ducati 1299 riders are notoriously proud of their motorcycles and understandably only ever want the best for them. When it comes to buying parts, accessories, and apparel, only the best will do which means that finding the right dealer can be tricky.

In today’s technology advanced world, most people are looking for a company that has a significant online presence. One of the main reasons for this is because it’s so much easier to order things online rather than going into a shop and it also makes it simpler to find the product in the first place. One of the biggest advantages of shopping this way is that you can find high-quality products at competitive prices. However, always be sure to check out reviews of the company you are ordering from as you never know who you are dealing with online.

To save time and money, look for a company that sells a vast range of products so you can get everything in the same place. With many websites selling products ranging from t-shirts, caps, keyrings, alarm systems, shock guards, tank protectors, seats, exhausts, dust guards, handlebar bags, satellite navigation systems and much, much more, you never have to look elsewhere for your Ducati Accessories.

Another massive benefit of using online shops is the fact that they frequently stock parts for bikes that are no longer being produced. Items that can no longer be found in most retailers can be purchased from these websites which are great news for those who own a bike that you can no longer buy parts for in regular stores.

Reliability is a major cause for concern amongst those who buy products online – especially when using a company for the first time. However, there are plenty of signs to look out for to ensure a company is genuine such as only using ones that are verified merchants of Reading online reviews is another fantastic way to make sure that you are using a reputable company. Doing your research before purchasing any Ducati accessories is the best way to protect yourself from falling for any scams.

The Ducati 1299 motorbike  was mainly meant for bikers that raced in various ducati sponsored events. This particular brand has been famous for creating a series of powerful superbikes that aficionados from all over have become interested in. However, regardless of the kind of power and performance that this particular work of art can provide, it is still subject to the public traffic rules and requirements. This means that it is imperative to have coverage before you use your bike on the road.

If you do not have the proper Ducati 1299 motorbike insurance for your bike, you are subjecting yourself to many liabilities in motoring offenses. A good insurance coverage is essential as this is meant to protect the general public and the motorbike owner alike. One reason for this is the fact that you can never anticipate when an accident may arise regardless of how responsible of a motorist you may be. While you may not cause an accident in your lifetime, you can never say the same for others. Regardless of which, you would need coverage to save yourself from any financial damage that may result from accidents.

You do not need to immediately make a decision regarding getting an insurance plan. You always have the choice to shop around for the best deal that you can get. This means that one insurance provider may not be able to offer you the same kind of benefits for a defined plan. One option to take is to ask for quotes from at least two or three potential providers before you make your decision. Whenever you shop for Ducati motorbike insurance, you should be wise about asking for significant factors that will affect your policy. This is important before you have the coverage. Mot providers will be able to give you live coverage as soon as the plan and premium have been settled. They should also be able to present the advantages that you will gain from the coverage of your choice.


Once again it is that time of the year when we experience the infamous “snow” in all its majesty. Wreaking havoc on formally pliable routes and causing vehicular immobilization. Winter comes with a lot of road challenges ranging from deep piles of snow-ins and shiny, slippery and glossy road which in general tests the strength and ruggedness of your tires by creating the perfect obstacle course of nature. Surviving surreal snow blizzards can be tough with just regular tires. Take back your title as king of the road with tires and avid1 wheels built to defy the freezing force of nature. The following sets of tires are just what the oracle prophesied.


This is literally the wheels of fire! The fuel stands tall and ready to throw-down any day with D268 4×4 avid1 wheels. This custom design carries 8 sizeable spokes with beadlocks on an all-black rim, giving it a touch of class. Another equally dauntless version is the fuel off-road D238 known as the “rampage” with its 4×4 rims. The 2-piece custom made aluminum alloy wheel is very light with an anthracite coating.


Its signatory “M” design sits boldly in chrome with its 5 bold spokes giving it that aggressive look. The 624B creates quite an impression and this also goes for the monster energy 647mb which is designated with 7 aerated spokes with beadlock accents. Whatever the weather brings, whatever the terrain, this machine means business.


The structural work of the dropstar gives off its unbeatable capacity to surpass all terrain challenges. It stands tough with its black finish and mill accents. The Ds647 has its 7 solid spokes while the stylish Ds645B wheels are simply exquisite with its 8-spokes which gives your automobile a touch of awesomeness. Its one-piece aluminum construction is light in weight and perfect for every terrain.

The slip and slides combined with the snow-in piles are no match for these generation of land cruisers they play rough and dominate forces of nature. They are the tires wheels and rims of choice for impenetrable landscape.


If you love Porsches like we do, the new Porsche experience center will seem like a theme park to you. Located in Los Angeles, it has a lot to keep the car enthusiasts entertained. After reviewing the place personally, here are 5 reasons why we fell in love with the new Porsche Experience Center.

A full range of cars to check out!

It has workshop full of cars; both classic and racing. From firsthand information about the automobile to actually sitting in one of the cars, the workshop is like a pool of information for the car nerd in you.

Full range of Porsches available for you to choose from.

This experience center, just like theis located in Atlanta, where the company is also head quartered hosts a full range of Porsche cars, from latest to old. This means that people get a chance to drive around in any Porsche that they desire.

Places to eat.

Food has the power of making everything slightly better. And in this case also the food places make this place perfect for a full day adventure.

A race car track to drive on!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Both of the experience centers have tracks that seem similar to real life racing tracks. Potential buyers can experience the power of the Porsches that they intend to buy while race car drivers can polish their skills for future races too.

To drive a Porsche, there are multiple packages available for you to buy from. The difference between packages depends on the kind of car you want to ride and the track elements that you want to experience. There are coaches who sit phentermine behind you in the car and will help you drive through the track elements that you have chosen per your desired package. You can even have the coach take you to the part of the track that simulates the perfect SUV off-road driving experience.

From the various track elements that you can choose from the Nürburgring Nordschleife’s Karrussell corner, has been perfectly recreated to the last detail. This has been positioned quite cleverly at the end of an accelerating patch and helps test the driver’s control when speeding around corners. This is also the perfect place to test the car’s launch control and see if you can handle it well enough or not.

The track usually begins with a low friction roundabout which also functions as a skid pad. It is basically polished concrete that has absolutely no friction. The handling track is a bit tricky with there is an amalgam of various track elements that the coaches will guide you through.
A gift shop to buy souvenirs from

And as if all of this wasn’t enough to create blissful memories they have also added a gift shop from where people can buy something to remember this day by. (As if they will ever forget it!)

So, here you go, our reasons to love the new Porsche experience center. If you visit this place, please do share your thoughts and experiences with us.